ISA 2009-10

December 3, 2009 - Leave a Response

Hey everyone,

This year’s ISA has a different blog than last year. Check ’em out here. And keep going to ISA events such as coffee hour and Winter Formal.

Bryan Saxton, former I-Week and Night Director and PR Officer


The year at a close

June 9, 2009 - One Response

Well, everyone, it’s been a tremendous year. Three huge successful events, along without weekly Coffee Hours. ISA was a great opportunity for growth for both the officers and interns, and I think we have all become a little more mature and capable after our year at ISA.

Personally, it was a challenge that I took on reluctantly at the beginning, but later on embraced. Because of my future plans, any leadership experiences that can be had are welcome. I am glad to have had this opportunity to test out my leadership skills, and see that people actually looked up to me and followed. It was also a time for me to learn how to follow, which I still have difficulty with. In any case, I feel slightly more prepared to face Officer Candidate School and the hereafter in the Navy after being the PR Officer for ISA and the Food Committee Head for IWN 2009. Read the rest of this entry »

ISA Elections!

June 3, 2009 - Leave a Response

First, we will be having the last Coffee Hour of the year. As usual, we’ll be in the Mills International Center, above the Post Office, from 4-6 PM on Friday, June 5th. Please come and hang out with us before we take off for the summer!

Also, ISA Elections are coming to a close tomorrow, so if you’re interested in voting for the Co-Directors for ISA for next year, swing by the Mills International Center to vote! Elections close tomorrow at 5 PM!

ISA Elections!

May 25, 2009 - One Response

Hey everyone!

Sorry for the hiatus in posts. The ISA blog for 2008-2009 is coming to a close, as this year’s ISA team hands the reigns over to the new team. As the PR Officer of ISA, I know I will miss this year dearly. This last year has been memorable and valuable to me, and I will cherish the memories after I graduate.

If you are interested in joining ISA for the 2009-2010 school year, now is the time to start jumping on board! Starting this Friday, May 29th, 2009, the ISA Co-Director elections will start. You can vote at the ISA Office or Mills International Center. Thus far, there are two candidate teams for ISA Co-Directors:

Once Co-Ds are elected, they will hire new officers, which are great leadership positions:

PR Officer
Programs Officer
Office Manager

Job descriptions can be found at the ISA office if you are interested.

Also available are ISA intern positions. ISA Interns are the foundation of ISA, and the program would not function smoothly as it does without interns. Almost all the blog posts done this year were written by the ISA PR interns, and they did an amazing job.

I sincerely hope you’ll join ISA! It’s an amazing experience.

Sean Jin, ISA PR Officer

Remains of I-Week 2009

May 1, 2009 - Leave a Response

I wonder if you still remember the week-long, cloudy and grey, random but interesting performances that took place at the EMU Amphitheatre two weeks ago? Yep, that was ISA’s annual cultural event: International Week. Rememberrrr?

After months and months of hard work, International Week finally came to show in the third week of Spring 2009. Our theme this year was “Sail Away”. We departed at University of Oregon’s DuckStore on Monday morning and travelled a week-long vacation from country to country, culture to culture. Did you “sail away” with us? Did you see the beautiful dances and musical performances? They were certainly eye-opening! I-Week, in its best efforts, exhibits the international diversity we have on campus. Most of our performers this year were U of O students and faculty members. They were very enthusiastic when they received the opportunity to display their cultural backgrounds.

Although the weather during I-Week was not as what we hoped it to be, most performances were still performed outdoors. We invited local musician and dancers such as Rob Tobias (who played Jewish-Americana songs on guitar) and Marimba belly-dancers.

Two weeks have passed since I-Week took place. It is hard to believe that one week’s event took us three and a half months to prepare! I-Week Committee definitely gave it all our best to make this event happen. Of course, there is still much more we can improve on, but for now, let us Sail Away with the new cultural knowledge, memories and fun that I-Week has left us…until the next I-Week arrives~

Chrystal Shen, I-Week Committee Head 2009 

Forward Looking to Sail Away, IWN 2009

April 3, 2009 - Leave a Response

This week, the ISA Blog is featuring thoughts from three people involved with Sail Away: International Week and Night 2009

International Week and Night is the most unique event on campus. We literally have people from around the world coming together to make this event happen…
Every day on campus and in class, I hear a need for an international perspective on things. I see a desire for people who have grown up in this country to work with and learn from people around the world…
I am excited to be a part of Sail Away. I believe it can help bring international perspective to students, and be part of a group that is working with an international perspective in mind. We can sit in class and listen to lectures on globalization, we can read the news about important events occuring abroad, and we can have conversations with our friends about the rest of the world. But when we take part in an event like this and facilitate its creation, all of these things we learn in class become tangible and relevant to us.

Bryan Saxton, Director of Sail Away: IWN 2009


I’ve always been a believer of “all work and no play is no fun,” and as part of this year’s Sail Away: IWN 2009 team, I’m happy to say that I’ve learnt this lesson by heart now! We must take time to unwind and relax and relate with our fellow ISA members, even when we see them day-to-day in the office. Everyone’s so bursting with activities these days that it’s rather overwhelming! Being the head of the I-Night committee, I am both optimistic and a little anxious about this year’s I-Night!
On our team, everyone has been constantly enthusiastic and contributing energy 😀 We’re confident that we will keep it up for another 2 weeks and I’m sure we’ll have a terrific, top-notch show!

Fitria Thomas, Committee Head for I-Night Production of Sail Away: IWN 2009


I attended International Week and Night last year and was deeply impressed by the food and show. This year, I wanted to get involved in the awesome event more.

For nearly four months, all of us have been working hard to bring this amazing event to students and the community. For Public Relations Committee, I remember staying up late in the library designing our Fund-raising packets; I remember us walking around the whole campus making a complete list for places to hang up posters. We were holding meetings almost every day. I also remember the first time I went into Schnitzer Museum of Art for fund-raising and the first time I went to KWVA radio for IWN radio advertising.

After all these preparations, I believe Sail Away, IWN 2009 will be a very successful event..

YES! We are READY!

Mengwei Deng, Committee Member for Public Relations of Sail Away: IWN 2009


P.S. Look out for members of Sail Away: International Week and Night 2009 on the street and at Coffee Hour today from 4-6 PM. We’ll be wearing our awesome T-shirts. Feel free to ask us how to get involved by volunteering or email us at


End of Spring Term

March 14, 2009 - Leave a Response

The weather was so nice on Friday, the last day for classes. Many people were hanging out under the lovely sun at the Amphitheater and the lawn outside the library. Inside EMU, ISA was having our last coffee hour of the term, enjoying bagels with cream cheese and sweet peach iced tea.

We are only a term away from the sunny summer! You won’t want to skip spring term, though, because ISA is hosting  our biggest annual event: International Week and Night 2009. From April 13th to 17th, we will have performances (such as dances, plays, bands, etc.), workshops, foods and music during the International Week, Monday to Friday, at the Amphitheater, and inside EMU. On Sunday, April 19th, the best performaners from the Eugene/Springfield area and our campus will show their talents on the International Night on Sunday in Ballroom. We will also serve dinner with foods from different countries! So you can take a look at the whole world and have a taste of different places at once, right here in the EMU! For more information, check out our website

Good luck on finals everyone! Have fun in Spring Break and we will see you next term.

Jessica Cheung, ISA PR Intern

I-Week and Night Sponsors

March 4, 2009 - Leave a Response

International Week and Night is one of the largest events at the University of Oregon. It’s also one of the most expensive.

Every year, different departments around the University of Oregon campus and various businesses throughout the Eugene/Springfield community make International Week and Night possible through their generous donations. Some of these departments, such as International Affairs (who has consistently given us a considerable donation each year) have a direct connection with events like International Week and Night. However, places like the Economics Department and the Counseling and Testing Center are seemingly unexpected, and their contributions are an example of how far-reaching this event is.

We would like to extend a sincere thank you to our sponsors so far:

UO Office of International Affairs
UO Economics Department
UO International Studies Program
UO Counseling and Testing Center
UO Yamada Language Center
UO Asian Studies Program

Sponsorships are still rolling in, so stay tuned! Thank you so much to everyone that has contributed so far.

Bryan Saxton, Director, International Week and Night 2009
Sean Jin, ISA PR Officer

Reflections on Winter Formal

February 25, 2009 - Leave a Response

Winter Formal, “Global Heart Warming” this year, was a smashing success. We had great night of music, photo taking, and balloons. Lots and lots of balloons. I feel bad for the administrator of Agate Hall who had to clean up all the wayward balloons from our dance.

Here are some of the thoughts from the ISA PR interns that were at the dance:

…As much as blowing balloons was enjoyable, we lost many in the process (actually, by the end of the party, we lost all of them, either up in the ceiling or in people’s lungs =P)…Aside from that, we also prepared a photo booth for those who came. Unlike last year, we specifically set up a couch, soft fabrics as curtains and flashing bright lights to make guests look the best… Read the rest of this entry »

Portland State Has an ISA too!

February 22, 2009 - One Response

So, unbeknown to us at ISA, Portland State has a group that is similar to ISA. They are officially known as OIS (Organization of International Students), and they have a very dedicated group.

Last Wednesday, they came down from Portland to meet us and exchange ideas for what we can do as organizations. We discovered that they have similar programming to us, like coffee hour. That’s right, they have coffee hour every week just like we do. The biggest difference is that they hold theirs on Wednesdays, and we hold ours on Friday.

They gave us some great ideas for coffee hour regarding sustainability. OIS purchased customized travelers mugs, then gave some of them out during one of their coffee hour events.  They then started charging $.25 for paper cups afterward, which keeps them affordable but also helps prevent unnecessary waste. It also encourages people to either bring their traveler’s mugs or to reuse their paper cups.

We don’t know if current ASUO rules will allow us to sell paper cups. Also, we’re not sure if we have enough funding to purchase (and later sell) traveler’s mugs. But this is something that we would like to explore. And we’d also like to hear your feedback: what do you think about using travelers mugs to cut down on waste?

In addition to coffee hour, OIS has an annual International Night, which is similar to ours. However, they have to set up their own lighting, so setup for them is a bit different.

It was good to hear from PSU’s Organization of International Students, and we’re working to ensure further collaboration.


Check out their blog ( They also have a facebook page.

Bryan Saxton, Director of International Week and Night